Water Retention Causes and Effects

In these dire times, health is still often neglected by some people.  Maybe they are unaware or unmindful of the risks an unhealthy lifestyle. Sometimes we just couldn’t be bothered to think about it anymore, we just want to enjoy our lives to the fullest.  Unfortunately, we are going to be unable to do that if we persist with bad habits vis-à-vis our health!  One effect of a bad lifestyle is water retention in the body, which leads to a swelling condition called edema that many of us are probably ignorant about.

Why do we have water retention in the body in the first place? Here are some obvious water retention causes we often ignore:

Too Much Consumption of Salt and Sugar

It is not most likely recognized how bad it is to have too much salt or sugar in our daily food, or, say, the dangers of engaging heavy servings of processed food in our diet. For one, the sodium that salt contains causes your kidneys to keep water rather than to excrete it, thus, affecting your kidneys and even your blood pressure. Meanwhile, overconsumption of sugar brings the hormone insulin into a higher level, which surely aggravates the excretion of sodium from the body.

Improper Practices in Nutrition

When we say improper practices in nutrition, we mean several things: deficiencies in nutrition, observing low-calorie diet, lacking consumption of certain fruits and vegetables, and even food intolerances.

Deficiencies in nutrition include inadequate amounts of vitamins B1 or thiamine, B5 and B6 in the body, which are supposed to assist in releasing fluid. Also, if protein levels are found low in the bloodstream, this may also bring about edema. Not having enough fiber may also aggravate the condition.

A low-calorie diet is usually observed by people who tend to be overweight, and are trying to get rid of those unwanted bulges. However, this type of regimen can merely worsen your water retention. Now you know why some overweight people find it hard to get in shape and lose weight, simply because of water retention in the body.

Fruits and vegetables-we all know how important these foods are in our daily diet. It is absolutely essential to include them in our daily servings because it hampers the blood vessels from letting fluid come through the tissue spaces.

Intolerances in food pertain to habits like alcohol consumption or simply eating too much that eventually overloads your stomach. These things will affect your ability to digest well, and will bring the undigested food particles into the blood system. Afterwards, it will fuel your immune cells to produce histamine-a big no-no for water retention.

 The Law of Gravity

Gravity, unknowingly for some, causes water retention. How? If you’re standing for prolonged periods of time, this can allow fluid to be accumulated in the tissues of your lower leg. Need I say more?

Too Busy to Exercise

Exercise brings so many health benefits.  Being immobile or a couch potato can cause the lymphatic system to be unable to deplete the excess fluid out of the tissue spaces.  Not even taking in less fluid will help prevent it.

There is more to it than you know. These water retention causes that I’ve mentioned are merely the most obvious.  However, they are still often ignored or even neglected by several people. Change can’t happen overnight, of course. But knowing when and how to start living a healthy lifestyle should do you good in the long run.

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