Birthday Fundraiser for Parkinson’s

Four years ago, my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease… at that time, my husband and I had our first child.  For his first birthday, we asked guests to bring money instead of a gift.  We donated the money to the Parkinson’s Society and raised over $500… by the time the Superwalk for Parkinson’s came around in September of that year, we raised $1,000 …

And now, in 2009, we did it again…our daughter turned 1 and we held another fundraiser, once again asking guests to bring money instead of gifts.  This time we raised $1,000.  By the Superwalk in September, we are hoping to raise close to $1,500.   

We are a spoiled generation…but that’s ok…as long as we pass-it-on and help others.  Every little bit that we can give will help find a cure for ailments and diseases.  Parkinson’s is so close to being cured and that’s because of the generosity of people like you, who continue to give.  We would like to thank everyone who participated in our fundraiser as well as our community partners, who assisted in sponsoring our daughter’s first birthday.

Thank You

Councilors: Joe Cimino and Jacques Barbeau

Craid McDermott ~ Pizza Hut (Four Corners)

Maria Cirelli ~ Tim Hortons (Lively)

John Cimino ~ Caruso Club

Max Massimiliano ~ Regency Bakery

Lisa ~Clowning Around

Miranda ~ Creative E-learning Design


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