Weight Watchers…Then and Now

scale-with-appleBy now, just about everyone has heard about Weight Watchers. They have been around for over 4 decades…imagine how much weight has been lost in that time? Thousands and thousands of pounds I bet! What makes Weight Watchers so special? Why do they have such a high success rate?

Here’s the story…The idea behind Weight Watchers is to lose weight in a group…sort of like group therapy. It started back in the 60’s. A lady named Jean Nidetch from Queens, New York started sharing her food addictions with some friends in her apartment. They basically supported each other in trying to eliminate the addictions and they lost weight. Before Jean knew it, there were hundreds of people lined up at her weekly get-togethers with friends. Everybody wanted in on the weight loss secret. The element of success for Weight Watchers has always been and still is… group support. Their secret is… people who all have something in common getting together and sharing…sort of like AA for Alcoholics. These support groups really help motivate people to give up their addictions…and food, like alcohol can be an addiction for some.

Ok so you’re wondering where Florine Mark comes into all this… Like you, I always thought that she founded Weight Watchers but guess what…NOT THE CASE! Florine Mark was an overweight woman in the 60’s and she had heard about Jean Nidetch’s meetings so she travelled to New York once per month and lost weight. It was very far for her to travel and she knew that this concept worked so she decided to open a Weight Watchers franchise in Detroit, her hometown.

On Florine’s website she said something that I will never forget…she said that she sells self-respect! Often enough, we tend to obsess about our personal “outside” characteristics and we forget to look inside. I joined Weight Watchers 10 years ago and did manage to lose weight, however, I was not able to keep it off at the time. Weight Watchers has come a long way since their first points systems. They realize the importance of exercise and this will assist people in maintaining their weight loss success. Weight Watchers is one of, if not the most popular weight loss program because it is a community of people with a common goal. At the meetings, you get advice, you give advice and you share…as you lose weight, you do gain self-esteem and self-respect which is exactly what Florine Mark is selling.

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