How to Avoid BONKING!

pastaBonking…I’m sure you’ve heard the term and if you haven’t and you’re a dieter, you’ve most likely experienced it. Bonking simply means that you haven’t eaten enough of the right stuff to get you through your workout.

Basically, here’s how it works…think of a car…the car needs fuel and oil in order to get you from point A to point B. Your body works the same way, you need to give it proper nutrition – i.e. a proper balance of carbs, protein and fat as well as fluid in order for it to get you from point A to point B. Sugar fuels your brain! I know, I know…sugar is BAD…or that’s what we’ve been told. Stay with me here…

Carbohydrates are sugar and they fuel your body; they control your blood sugar levels. That’s why it’s important to eat the right kind of carbs. (see article – good carbs)

If you try to go for a long run, bike ride or hard weight training and you haven’t eaten enough of the right carbohydrates, your body will BONK! I.e. you will be so tired that you can’t even think straight, your body and brain will be so exhausted and you will become so hungry that you could eat a tree – not literally!. Take it from me, it’s not a great feeling!

During intense exercise, (i.e. exercise that lasts longer than 2 hours) you need to eat something every 15 minutes. When you’re doing an intense workout, it doesn’t really matter what you eat, as long as you eat frequently. Personally, I eat protein bars during an intense run; I take bites every 15 minutes. I’ve tried to go without and yes…I have BONKED!

Basically, treat your body as well as you treat your car and take care of it. Eat properly to ensure that you don’t BONK during your next INTENSE workout!

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