Apples Nutrition: Know the Health Benefits of the Forbidden Fruit

Everyone knows that apple is the forbidden fruit in the bible.  It is also the reason why Snow White fell asleep.  However, those scenarios are contrary to the countless benefits it can give to the human body.  This small red, green, yellow or pink fruit can help prevent major diseases.  According to the old adage, it keeps the doctor away.  So what are the real health advantages of eating apples?  Well, here are some of the facts that will let you follow the advice of that old saying.


  • Apples can help control asthma attacks.  According to studies, children who drink apple juice often have less wheezing compared to those who drink it once a month.  Studies have shown that children conceived by women who eat plenty of apples while pregnant have lower risk of asthma attacks as well.


  • Apples promote bone protection.  Researchers found a certain component called phloridzin.  This is found only in apples and apparently it can prevent post-menopausal women from having osteoporosis and can increase bone density.  Apples also strengthen bones because of another ingredient called boron.


  • Apples can help avoid Alzheimer’s disease because of quercetin which is present in them.  When you eat apples, they protect your brain cells from free radical damage that can lead you to this disease.  High levels of quercetin can also lessen the risk of having lung cancer.  Hence, smokers should start eating apples regularly.


  • Fruits, such as apples, have a lot of antioxidants in them.  These components reduce the damage caused by free radicals.  As you grow older, your motor skills start to degenerate thus creating slight memory loss.  This can be prevented through the antioxidants present in apples.


  • Apples lower blood cholesterol because of pectin.  This fibrous substance, found mostly in apples, is responsible for cholesterol reduction.  By drinking apple juice or the extracts, the oxidation of a harmful form of cholesterol is subdued.  That is the reason why health experts recommend drinking apple juice or cider to help protect the circulatory system.


  • Apples aid in decreasing the risk of heart disease.  Scientists have proven that people who suffered from coronary disease had low intakes of flavonids.  These substances are mostly found in apples.  Thus, it is highly advisable for individuals with a history of heart disease to make apples part of their diet.


  • Another benefit from flavonids is to minimize the risk of prostate cancer. According to researchers, increasing the levels of flavanids in the body helps decrease prostate enlargement and in some cases can actually prevent prostate cancer all together. 


There are several other advantages to eating apples.  Compared to other fruit, apples are nice and easy to take on the go.  They are juicy and delicious.  You can immediately munch on them without mixing with other foods.  Apples are also great for baking and cooking.  You can use them for juice, shakes or cakes.  However you decide to ingest them is up to you.  The benefits are endless no matter how you eat them.  Continue to think of new ways to eat them, and you will definitely have fun and become healthy at the same time.  Oh and…don’t forget “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

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