Nothing to Fear, but Fear Itself

Stephen Martile

Stephen Martile was created to help everyday people communicate and encourage each other to keep moving and to build a long-lasting healthy community towards a journey to good health. 

Before I created this website, I had thought about it for a number of years.  I had ideas written down but there was something missing to get it started…you guessed it…FEAR!  I was afraid of the unknown.  How do I get started, what do I do, will people like, will it help people, etc… So what gave me the extra push?  You’ll never guess… I had heard that a longtime acquaintance of mine, Stephen Martile, had created his own website on life coaching and the power of the mind.  I checked out his website, downloaded his ebook, emailed him and well…need I say more… helped me realize that I needed to take charge of what I really want in life…yes of course health and prosperity are number one on my list, however, helping people is what I have always wanted to do.  In Stephen’s website he writes that about 90% of our actions are coming from fear.  When I read that I thought that 90% seemed like a big number but then I looked back on my life.  I realized that most of my accomplishments came from taking risks and leaving fear behind but fear was always there on the backburner holding me back in some way.  Anything that I have ever done with my life that took more time than it should have…like starting this website for example, was do to fear.  Stephen also writes: “You want to take action from inspiration, joy and happiness.  You can’t do this until you create a clear vision for your future.”  Think about it for a second…he’s right!  “You can’t do this until you create a clear vision for your future”…that’s what this website is all about.  We need to look at our accomplishments in life, our jobs, our families, our children, our lives (if you’re here…you must be breathing!) and let that be our inspiration to regain good health, to get up and walk or run again.  If you need extra encouragement, I hope that this website will help you and motivate you.  Don’t be afraid to look to others to help you, including a life coach like Stephen Martile.  You can find him at  Maybe he’ll inspire you to join our community and make a positive change or to continue a good routine in your life. 

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