Detox Rehab

Some who started using pain killers as a form of treatment are now relying too much on prescription drugs and without them realizing it, they have already fallen to a form of drug addiction. Although some people may argue that prescription drugs is not in any means illegal and not entirely addictive but more and more patients are now becoming drug dependents to certain forms of prescription drugs.Another set of individuals who are falling into the pitfall of drug addiction from both prescription drugs and heroin addiction are those kids and young adults. They are mostly bringing a large problem to the community since these can follow to different crimes brought about the use of prescription drugs and illegal drugs. And since there are around 200 different types of pain killers out in the market that has Hydrocodone and ingredients with Norco, Hycodan, Hydroco, Xodol, Vicoprofen and a lot more. Kids and young adults who experiment on these types of drugs are in danger of overdose that could lead to their own death while experimenting on different brand-name narcotic painkillers.

Those drug dependents who want to change their old means are facing a new challenge since changing, especially for those who have made this addiction a form of habit can find it more difficult to change. There are even some who have failed in succeeding to change because of some wrong attitude and lack of conviction. But there are a lot of patients who have gone to some detox rehab and succeeded.

Those drug dependents that are committed in starting a new life away from prescription drugs and illegal drugs should start by going to a detox rehab where they will experience withdrawal symptoms after six to ten hours of their last dosage. This is not of course life threatening but those who have experience this can feel an intense feeling that could lead to irritability, fever, chills, depression, insomnia, runny nose, diarrhea, and dilated pupils that will grow even stronger within 48 to 72 hours. But this feeling will decrease after a week or depending on the person’s metabolism.

Also, going to a detox rehab can be advantageous for patients since those facilities are medically supervised, and are made depending on the patients unique needs. After a patient is finished going to a detox rehab, he has now need to commit himself in further aiding himself by going to a medical rehab and a support group that will be there for him during the early stages of treatment.

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