Detox diet faults

What should be avoided when doing a detox diet

They say detox diets can remove toxins and poisons from the body. After the regimen, the person doing detox usually feels more energized and more alert than before. Nobody is complaining about this since even famous Hollywood stars are into this form of dieting. A good detox diet should include eating pure and natural foods that will help in the proper function of the kidneys and liver. However, there are those dieters who still make detox diet faults and end up failing with their plan to lose weight.

Some detox diet faults that dieters do are for example exceeding their diet plans to a more than a month (I.e. dieting for more than the required time). This is not a safe way to lose weight since you may end up losing a lot of water from your body and thus end in losing more of your energy and muscle mass. You may not even be able to finish up to 31 days of intensive detox because your body would probably not cooperate. A person who goes on a long-term diet can lead to muscle breakdown and a shortage of the body’s needed nutrients and thus resulting in weakening of the body as well as its resistance to fight infections and inflammation.

Another type of detox diet fault which has resulted in a lot of controversy is the The Lemonade Diet, which became really popular especially when the crowd found out that Beyonce Knowles lost 20 pounds in 10 days just for the sake of her role in the movie Dreamgirls. But Beyonce regained her weight back after the shooting of her movie.

Most experts say that the lemonade diet is not entirely safe for the body since if a dieter really complies with this regimen. There will be no solid food intake, instead the dieter is only allowed to drink eight glasses a day of water or more and a mixture of lemon juice, water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Then the user must drink two full quarts of salt water in the morning and laxative tea in the evening. Doing this for almost 10 days will show a dramatic effect on the body and the dieter may find herself/himself losing a lot of weight, but the person may feel irritability, acne, and a headache all throughout the process.

This is also a detox diet fault since the liver may be in danger during this time. Fatigue may soon follow since there is no food intake. Remember that the body needs 2,400 milligrams of sodium daily for hydrochloric acid to be made in the stomach. This protects the body from different types of infections. The body may react in different ways and sometimes this could lead to a more severe situation which nobody wants to encounter.

Going through a detox diet is also good for the body. However, the person doing the detox needs to do thorough research on the regimen he or she is aiming for before actually doing it. There are a lot of methods in doing a detox diet and that doesn’t include over-killing yourself after the regimen.

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