Alex’s detox diet

A detox story of Alex and Morgan

fries1A lot of people nowadays are going crazy over dieting in order to have that perfect body that they have always wanted. And who wouldn’t want to stay fit, be younger looking and more alert. Most Hollywood stars seem to always look fit and sexy. Although people may go to the extreme, they still follow their heart and try any possible way to stay fit. The good thing about staying fit nowadays is that more and more people are trying to lose weight the natural way as opposed to relying on diet pills to lose those pounds. More and more people are turning to detox diets, which are safer than other forms of dieting. There are many types of detox diets including Alex’s detox diet.

Alex’s detox diet was created by Alex Jamieson to undo what her boyfriend Morgan Spurlock did to himself. Morgan Spurlock was the director and star of his own documentary film – Super Size Me. He made himself eat McDonalds for a month and by the end of the month, he gained 25 pounds. Morgan developed chest pains, high blood pressure, and the fat content of his liver had a 2000 percent increase. He also damaged his social life along with his health and his libido.

Now for Morgan to be able to get back to his old life once more, he was aided by his girlfriend Alex and made an “Alex’s detox diet plan” for himself that he needed to carry out for 8 weeks. This Alex’s detox diet was a real success for Morgan. The process made him change his diet and as a result his liver function, blood pressure and cholesterol level came back to their original standards and he was able to lose 10 pounds. It was a real success story and because of that Alex made her own book, The Great American Detox Diet, which can help vegetarian and non-vegetarians alike to have their own option in choosing the right diet meant for those people who want to trim down.

Although, The Great American Detox diet was the result of her many years of research and experiences. It focuses less on how to lose weight but discuses more on the well-being of a person and their total body health. It also has some specific food suggestions and exercises to follow and of course the importance of detoxifying our body to an even healthier state.

The idea of Alex’s detox diet is simple; we have to be more aware about the food we consume since it is our own body we are abusing.

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