Thankful for Friends and Family


Today is Sunday and I have to say that I have had a wonderful weekend. I was able to spend time with my family and get my workouts done!  I am so thankful for the wonderful network of friends. There is no doubt that it is sometimes very difficult to get the workouts done – we would rather sleep, rest, read, play, etc.. The reality is that I have set a goal and I WILL get on that stage in May and WIN that figure competition — I am determined!  In order to do that, I have to workout…workout…workout (and eat clean of course!).  Anyway, so thankfully, I have amazing friends who call me and who I can call to work out with me.

Saturday’s leg workout was AMAZING!  I was able to squat on a bosu ball thanks to 2 great men that I workout with — Thanks for the spot Duncan and Dan — I sure feel it today!  Push and push… if you feel good, you are not working hard enough!  Then I started Sunday morning with a chest workout with Duncan, followed by 550 grueling stairs (up) and another 550 (down) with my amazing friend Sabrina who is very inspiring!  And….finished off with a 5.5 KM hilly run with my awesome friend Erika — who always motivates me to go out, even when we are both exhausted!  Of course, I cannot forget Martha – one of the smartest women I know.  Man can she run… I love running with Martha — it’s like going for coffee and being filled with a wealth of knowledge — except of course we are burning calories instead of putting them into our bodies!

It is so hard to get everything done in one day — especially getting together with friends and family and working out so the SOLUTION — incorporate the two!  Run and chat, workout and laugh — it is so great and at the end, you feel AMAZING, STRONG and I really want to say full of energy here…but really… you kind of feel exhausted — in a good way!

I am also thankful for the wonderful circle of positive energy I have around me — Christina Hayden Solomon, Katherine Glen, Crystal Kenny (because every time, I do those damn stairs I think of her doing 1,000 + — how inspiring — I can’t wait to take her up on her invitation to join her!) and of course my awesome coach Aleisha Hart – who is on her way to Ms. Olympia!


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