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Are you looking for additional information on kickboxing exercises? Well this exercise article will give you several ideas about how to perform a number of kickboxing moves. Kickboxing is not only great for your physical conditioning it will also tone your mental muscles.

Kickboxing was first introduced to the world as a form of martial arts practiced for self defense. It involves the usage of both punches and kicks in vertical combat. Although there are several types of kickboxing styles, we sometime get a vivid picture of violent. This is the Muay Thai form of kickboxing where there’s a violent usage of elbow and knee strikes and throws to neutralize the opponent. Today, kickboxing has become a sport as well as a form of exercise for cardiovascular training and toning. Here are a number of kickboxing exercises you can try at home.

Warm up first
Before doing any strenuous exercise, it is important that you stretch out your muscles and warm them up. I find that doing 2 minute intervals of jumping jacks or skipping and 1 minute of stretching for a total of 6 minutes works great. So basically, you skip for 2 minutes then stretch for 1, then skip for another 2 and then stretch for another 1.

Front kicks
Begin by doing a squat and pulling your kicking leg backwards. This is known as the horse stance. Make sure your standing leg is bent while you use your other leg to kick. This will give you more balance and stability. Now as you kick, visualize that you are kicking your opponent in the chin or chest. Although optional, you can use a punching bag as an imaginary hit target. Kick with the balls of your feet. Do 25 kicks with the right leg and then the left.

Round house kicks
These kicks are more difficult as they require you to balance yourself. Begin as you would do a front kick. Do a correct stance and slightly bend your knees for more stability. The power in a round house kick comes from the hip so as you swing your feet to target, your hips should follow. Hit using the instep of your feet. Do 25 kicks with the right leg and then the left.

Round house knee strikes
The maneuver for roundhouse knee strikes is similar to round house kicks, only you use your knees instead. Again begin with a stance with slightly bent knees. Use your hips to swing your knee. Do 25 with the right knee and then the left

Cool down and stretch
After your kickboxing exercises, do some warm down stretches and remember to drink lots of fluids.
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