Exercise Goal Setting

girl-in-cereal1This winter has been so long and not to mention COLD!  Many people have contacted me saying that they are having a really hard time getting motivated to exercise and get into a good routine. 


In order for me to get moving, I need to set an exercise goal.  I am constantly setting goals, striving for something new to get me in great shape.  My new goal is a 10-kilometer race in 2 months.  I know this seems excessive, especially for a “non-runner” however it is an attainable goal. When setting a goal for yourself, always remember it has to be attainable.


Another question I have received is:  “How do you know it’s attainable if you’ve never done it before?”  I began running before getting pregnant and I ran up to 7 km at the time so I know that my body can do it.  I remember starting with 5 minute running intervals and then increasing them until I could finally run for longer periods of time.  As you already know from my website, I gained 65 pounds during my pregnancy hence, I did not do very much running.  I have been running again for 4 months but nowhere near 10 kilometers.  In order for me to attain this goal, I am doing 4 things which I believe answer the above question – “how do you do it?”


  1. Register for the race and pay the registration fee.
  2. Tell everyone I know that this is what I am doing.
  3. Train every day.
  4. Join a local running group.


If you register or sign up for your event, you’ll be committing yourself; especially if there is a fee involved – like my 10km race.  By telling everyone you know about your goal you are more apt to stick to it.  I personally would hate to tell everyone that I gave up…I AM NOT A QUITTER…and you aren’t either!  I have been training every day by running on my treadmill, lifting weights and doing plyometrics (jump training).  The idea is to do aerobic and strength training to get my body ready.  I have also joined a local running group, which is holding a clinic specifically for this race.  My first run – OUTSIDE – is tonight.  I’ll let you know what happens.  The idea behind joining a group is to help me prepare for something I’ve never done before.  I figure there has to be more to running long distance then just lacing up a good pair or runners.  It’s always a good idea to consult experts in the activity that you are engaging in because they can give you tips and techniques to enhance your performance and avoid injury. 


Start setting your goal today and make it happen.  Don’t give up and stay focused.  Send me a message if you need some motivation or help staying on track. 

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