Being Thankful For Family, Friends and Goals

Happy Thanksgiving to all my BodyPower fans!  Today is a day to be thankful for everything that we have…and boy oh boy do I have a lot!  Where do I start… I am soooooo thankful for my family, friends and students. I am thankful for everything that I have and do.

roundtoitWhile I’m being thankful, I was thinking about goal setting and how I am thankful for the gift to be able to set goals and targets to reach those goals.  You know…as I meet new people and reconnect with old friends, I have begun to realise that goal setting is actually something to be thankful for.  It is so easy to say “tomorrow” or as a wonderful deacon once said we often say “when I get a round to it” so he made a “round tuit” for everyone and said: “Now that you have a “round tuit” you can do anything right?”  LOL … So for everyone out there being thankful today… get yourself a “round tuit” and get to started on whatever it is you would like to accomplish!

As you know, I am training for a figure competition — which is about 6 months away!  Training for this is..well… I’m not going to lie… AMAZING yet difficult however, thank God for my amazing COACH – ALEISHA HART who is there for me every step of the way!  Aaaaaannnnddd…. thank goodness for my amazing husband for picking up the slack!

In the spirit of being thankful for goal setting, I went out today and accomplished my goal of conquering those damn stairs…

My goal was to go up 1,000 steps and back down the same…

50 minutes —

5KM —

10 flights up of 112 stairs per flight

======= 1,120 steps!

WOOHOO… goal accomplished for today!

Ladies and gentlemen… be thankful for everything that you have today and learn how to set goals for yourself… the feeling is amazing when you accomplish the small goals that lead up the end goal!

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