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Detox Rehab

Some who started using pain killers as a form of treatment are now relying too much on prescription drugs and without them realizing it, they have already fallen to a form of drug addiction. Although some people may argue that prescription drugs is not in any means illegal and not entirely addictive but more and more patients are now becoming drug dependents to certain forms of prescription drugs.Another set of individuals who are falling into the pitfall of drug addiction from both prescription drugs and heroin addiction are those kids and young adults. They are mostly bringing a large problem to the community since these can follow to different crimes brought about the use of prescription drugs and illegal drugs. And since there are around 200 different types of pain killers out in the market that has Hydrocodone and ingredients with Norco, Hycodan, Hydroco, Xodol, Vicoprofen and a lot more. Kids and young adults who experiment on these types of drugs are in danger of overdose that could lead to their own death while experimenting on different brand-name narcotic painkillers.

Those drug dependents who want to change their old means are facing a new challenge since changing, especially for those who have made this addiction a form of habit can find it more difficult to change. There are even some who have failed in succeeding to change because of some wrong attitude and lack of conviction. But there are a lot of patients who have gone to some detox rehab and succeeded.

Those drug dependents that are committed in starting a new life away from prescription drugs and illegal drugs should start by going to a detox rehab where they will experience withdrawal symptoms after six to ten hours of their last dosage. This is not of course life threatening but those who have experience this can feel an intense feeling that could lead to irritability, fever, chills, depression, insomnia, runny nose, diarrhea, and dilated pupils that will grow even stronger within 48 to 72 hours. But this feeling will decrease after a week or depending on the person’s metabolism.

Also, going to a detox rehab can be advantageous for patients since those facilities are medically supervised, and are made depending on the patients unique needs. After a patient is finished going to a detox rehab, he has now need to commit himself in further aiding himself by going to a medical rehab and a support group that will be there for him during the early stages of treatment.

Why Have a Fruit2c vegetable2c protein detox diet?

Getting rid of that excess weight is difficult but putting it back on unfortunately, can be relatively simple. Weight seems to creep up on us before we know it. You won’t even feel it if your weight comes back, until you have to buy a larger pant size. Fruit2c vegetable2c protein detox diets are supplemental protein foods that can help suppress your weight thus enabling you to keep it off.

Since the main focus of your detox diet is to eliminate fat and get rid of body toxins, taking supplemental food should also be given consideration. This is especially important after the regimen is done and maintenance of not gaining weight is needed. Fruit2c vegetable2c protein detox diets can help during those mainetenance stages.

There are a lot of different methods in doing a detox diet, there is a large number of individuals who are using fruits and vegetables in theirs since the main ingredient in doing the right detox are those main two. A little amount of chicken and fish can also be taken but only after a week of the detox diet can they be eaten. Detoxifying the body is essential to rid the body out of those impurities and toxins our body already acquired. Although the liver can get rid of toxins by itself but it also needs to take a rest so that it can recharge and function well again.

The food that we eat while we are in the proces of detoxifying is important for the success of losing weight and gaining back our lost energy. Fruit2c vegetable2c protein detox diets are taken by those who are in a detox diet to protect their health from further feeling sluggish and help themselves have more mind alert.

Detox diet food raw recipe

healthy cherry tomato, herbs friut and vegetablesRaw foods to consider when doing your detox diet

 If you are serious about your diet and really want to slim down the natural way, detox diet is your next step to a cleaner, healthier, sexier you. Now, just because we say detox diet doesn’t mean that you are actually going to starve yourself to death and just drink water and lemonade for the next 5 days. Of course, everyone wants to be healthy and by being healthy, we need to eat healthy well-balanced food daily.

 There are so many detox diet food raw recipes and books that are circulating everywhere. Bookstores and the internet offer a large variety of them. Everyone deserves to look their best and a raw food detox diet can help you with this.  It will definitely save you time since the food preparation is simple; it doesn’t need to cook!

However, before planning on preparing a detox diet food raw recipe, there are two rules that should to be considered:

Do not combine whole-grain bread or brown rice together in one meal with the following: fish, meat, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and fresh fruit.

 Raw vegetables can be combined with the above food selection except for fresh fruit.

 The importance in doing a detox diet is to eliminate toxins from our body system and by doing this we have to start by stopping our daily routine of eating foods that brings the toxins in. They are cereal, rice, pasta, processed foods, soy products, white breads, red meat and more.

Your detox diet food raw recipe should include whole grains, raw honey, dried fruits, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. It is advisable to eat a lot during dinner and take a lot fresh fruit and green vegetable juice during the day.

Green lemonade will also help you during your detox diet since you will drink a lot of this everyday. A mixture of leafy greens, an apple and a lemon will let you make that green lemonade. There are still a lot of raw diet foods that you can create. Just remember to eat raw and eat organic, although the detox diet food raw recipe is not intended only for veggies, the main point in here is to eliminate certain foods for a while, while in the process of cleansing.


Detox diet food

1022980_60690332What type of food should you consider while doing a detox diet?

Now that detox dieting is gaining popularity again and a lot of people are considering this type of diet program. Before engaging in any type of detox program, you should carefully think about what benefits and side effects this could bring to your body.  You should also consider which foods would be essential if you are considering cleansing your body.


Going on a detox plan will help the body get rid of any toxic materials stored inside. There are a lot of different chemicals that we encounter everyday and going on a detox diet can help promote the elimination of toxins our body encounters. Of course, before going on a detox diet, it is better to consult your health care provider so that they can assess your plans and help you decide on the type of detox diet that can be suitable for you.


The best way to start your diet is when you are on your vacation since you will need a lot of rest and sleep during your cleansing process. You don’t necessarily need to hunger yourself, depending on the cleanse you choose. There are however, certain foods that are not allowed to be eaten during your cleansing time.  These foods include: sugar, milk, eggs, wheat products, gluten, caffeine-filled beverage, yeast, salted nuts, chocolate, anything that is high in fat, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and of course red meat, turkey, and meat products such as burgers, pate, and sausages.


Detox diet foods that are allowed during this time are fruits, vegetables, brown rice and rice noodles, chickpeas, fish, extra virgin oil, beans and lentils, rye crackers and rice noodles, fruit juice, potatoes, unsalted nuts, live natural yogurt, ground black pepper, garlic, ginger, fresh herbs, honey and herbal tea. Water is essentially needed during this time of detoxifying and you really should drink at least eight glasses of water a day.


Good fruits to eat during your detox are: pear, apple, apricot, avocado, berries, banana, cranberries, grapefruit, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, orange, and lemon. Vegetables that can be eaten are: garlic, onion, radish, parsley, alfalfa, bean sprouts, artichoke, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, dandelion, kale, leek, and radish.


The process of eating detox diet food is just the same as how you should be eating regularly.  Food should be chewed well for better digestion and eat fruits and veggies until your stomach is satisfied. You still need to eat at least three to six meals a day with either mixed vegetables or fruits. Fresh fish and chicken should be allowed through your regimen after the first week of your detox diet but only a small portion should be permitted.  You are also permitted to eat this if you are beginning to struggle at the start of your diet. 


Remember that detoxifying should not be done for a long period of time since this will also cause health problems. This should be done only for a short period of time so that your health will also be in good quality shape after the detox diet is over.

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Detox Dieting

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Detox diet faults

What should be avoided when doing a detox diet

They say detox diets can remove toxins and poisons from the body. After the regimen, the person doing detox usually feels more energized and more alert than before. Nobody is complaining about this since even famous Hollywood stars are into this form of dieting. A good detox diet should include eating pure and natural foods that will help in the proper function of the kidneys and liver. However, there are those dieters who still make detox diet faults and end up failing with their plan to lose weight.

Some detox diet faults that dieters do are for example exceeding their diet plans to a more than a month (I.e. dieting for more than the required time). This is not a safe way to lose weight since you may end up losing a lot of water from your body and thus end in losing more of your energy and muscle mass. You may not even be able to finish up to 31 days of intensive detox because your body would probably not cooperate. A person who goes on a long-term diet can lead to muscle breakdown and a shortage of the body’s needed nutrients and thus resulting in weakening of the body as well as its resistance to fight infections and inflammation.

Another type of detox diet fault which has resulted in a lot of controversy is the The Lemonade Diet, which became really popular especially when the crowd found out that Beyonce Knowles lost 20 pounds in 10 days just for the sake of her role in the movie Dreamgirls. But Beyonce regained her weight back after the shooting of her movie.

Most experts say that the lemonade diet is not entirely safe for the body since if a dieter really complies with this regimen. There will be no solid food intake, instead the dieter is only allowed to drink eight glasses a day of water or more and a mixture of lemon juice, water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Then the user must drink two full quarts of salt water in the morning and laxative tea in the evening. Doing this for almost 10 days will show a dramatic effect on the body and the dieter may find herself/himself losing a lot of weight, but the person may feel irritability, acne, and a headache all throughout the process.

This is also a detox diet fault since the liver may be in danger during this time. Fatigue may soon follow since there is no food intake. Remember that the body needs 2,400 milligrams of sodium daily for hydrochloric acid to be made in the stomach. This protects the body from different types of infections. The body may react in different ways and sometimes this could lead to a more severe situation which nobody wants to encounter.

Going through a detox diet is also good for the body. However, the person doing the detox needs to do thorough research on the regimen he or she is aiming for before actually doing it. There are a lot of methods in doing a detox diet and that doesn’t include over-killing yourself after the regimen.

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This Diet is also referred to as the lemonade diet.  There is a lot of contreversy on this diet however, many people who use it swear by it.  Remember, no matter which cleanse you use, listen to your body and DO NOT do it for an extended period of time, no matter what the product tells you, it is unsafe to do so.