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Thankful for Friends and Family


Today is Sunday and I have to say that I have had a wonderful weekend. I was able to spend time with my family and get my workouts done!  I am so thankful for the wonderful network of friends. There is no doubt that it is sometimes very difficult to get the workouts done – we would rather sleep, rest, read, play, etc.. The reality is that I have set a goal and I WILL get on that stage in May and WIN that figure competition — I am determined!  In order to do that, I have to workout…workout…workout (and eat clean of course!).  Anyway, so thankfully, I have amazing friends who call me and who I can call to work out with me.

Saturday’s leg workout was AMAZING!  I was able to squat on a bosu ball thanks to 2 great men that I workout with — Thanks for the spot Duncan and Dan — I sure feel it today!  Push and push… if you feel good, you are not working hard enough!  Then I started Sunday morning with a chest workout with Duncan, followed by 550 grueling stairs (up) and another 550 (down) with my amazing friend Sabrina who is very inspiring!  And….finished off with a 5.5 KM hilly run with my awesome friend Erika — who always motivates me to go out, even when we are both exhausted!  Of course, I cannot forget Martha – one of the smartest women I know.  Man can she run… I love running with Martha — it’s like going for coffee and being filled with a wealth of knowledge — except of course we are burning calories instead of putting them into our bodies!

It is so hard to get everything done in one day — especially getting together with friends and family and working out so the SOLUTION — incorporate the two!  Run and chat, workout and laugh — it is so great and at the end, you feel AMAZING, STRONG and I really want to say full of energy here…but really… you kind of feel exhausted — in a good way!

I am also thankful for the wonderful circle of positive energy I have around me — Christina Hayden Solomon, Katherine Glen, Crystal Kenny (because every time, I do those damn stairs I think of her doing 1,000 + — how inspiring — I can’t wait to take her up on her invitation to join her!) and of course my awesome coach Aleisha Hart – who is on her way to Ms. Olympia!


Protein Powder is NOT “One Size Fits All”

Bought new protein powder and tried to eat it like Aleisha Hart does…puked it up…wonderful! Guess I have to keep working at it huh? Then, I mixed it with water and ice and…yup… puked it up again! Love the taste in my mouth today…LOL… Good thing I bought a couple of different 1,000 lb containers!!! Just goes to show everyone out there…not everything comes natural to everyone…it’s called perseverance! If at first, you puke up the protein, try and try again! I have a plan! I will keep you posted.


Many people have been asking what type of supplements I am taking on my new regime! Well, here is a picture…It isn’t that clear but you get the idea!


Detox Rehab

Some who started using pain killers as a form of treatment are now relying too much on prescription drugs and without them realizing it, they have already fallen to a form of drug addiction. Although some people may argue that prescription drugs is not in any means illegal and not entirely addictive but more and more patients are now becoming drug dependents to certain forms of prescription drugs.Another set of individuals who are falling into the pitfall of drug addiction from both prescription drugs and heroin addiction are those kids and young adults. They are mostly bringing a large problem to the community since these can follow to different crimes brought about the use of prescription drugs and illegal drugs. And since there are around 200 different types of pain killers out in the market that has Hydrocodone and ingredients with Norco, Hycodan, Hydroco, Xodol, Vicoprofen and a lot more. Kids and young adults who experiment on these types of drugs are in danger of overdose that could lead to their own death while experimenting on different brand-name narcotic painkillers.

Those drug dependents who want to change their old means are facing a new challenge since changing, especially for those who have made this addiction a form of habit can find it more difficult to change. There are even some who have failed in succeeding to change because of some wrong attitude and lack of conviction. But there are a lot of patients who have gone to some detox rehab and succeeded.

Those drug dependents that are committed in starting a new life away from prescription drugs and illegal drugs should start by going to a detox rehab where they will experience withdrawal symptoms after six to ten hours of their last dosage. This is not of course life threatening but those who have experience this can feel an intense feeling that could lead to irritability, fever, chills, depression, insomnia, runny nose, diarrhea, and dilated pupils that will grow even stronger within 48 to 72 hours. But this feeling will decrease after a week or depending on the person’s metabolism.

Also, going to a detox rehab can be advantageous for patients since those facilities are medically supervised, and are made depending on the patients unique needs. After a patient is finished going to a detox rehab, he has now need to commit himself in further aiding himself by going to a medical rehab and a support group that will be there for him during the early stages of treatment.

Why Have a Fruit2c vegetable2c protein detox diet?

Getting rid of that excess weight is difficult but putting it back on unfortunately, can be relatively simple. Weight seems to creep up on us before we know it. You won’t even feel it if your weight comes back, until you have to buy a larger pant size. Fruit2c vegetable2c protein detox diets are supplemental protein foods that can help suppress your weight thus enabling you to keep it off.

Since the main focus of your detox diet is to eliminate fat and get rid of body toxins, taking supplemental food should also be given consideration. This is especially important after the regimen is done and maintenance of not gaining weight is needed. Fruit2c vegetable2c protein detox diets can help during those mainetenance stages.

There are a lot of different methods in doing a detox diet, there is a large number of individuals who are using fruits and vegetables in theirs since the main ingredient in doing the right detox are those main two. A little amount of chicken and fish can also be taken but only after a week of the detox diet can they be eaten. Detoxifying the body is essential to rid the body out of those impurities and toxins our body already acquired. Although the liver can get rid of toxins by itself but it also needs to take a rest so that it can recharge and function well again.

The food that we eat while we are in the proces of detoxifying is important for the success of losing weight and gaining back our lost energy. Fruit2c vegetable2c protein detox diets are taken by those who are in a detox diet to protect their health from further feeling sluggish and help themselves have more mind alert.

The Power of Creation

From time to time I come across some deeply moving videos that stop me in my footsteps and make me reflect on my life.  This is one of those videos.  Whether you are religious, spiritual or not, you can’t help but feel compelled by this video on creation.  It is a reminder that we are all creators and that each and every person was put on this earth to accomplish something.  Hopefully you will be just as inspired as me to go out and create something and make a difference in the world…

Protein Fat Loss Diet and Other Weight Loss Fads

Obesity is a major risk factor for hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and other deadly ailments. As more and more people encounter problems with their weight, there are also many weight loss dietary solutions that have come out. Diets, exercise, pills, creams, and even surgical treatments all promise to help one lose weight effectively, easily, and fast. If you are still new in this department it helps to know about the protein fat loss diet and other weight loss fads.

It is not easy to lose weight especially if you have over 20 pounds to lose. It requires a great deal of patience, determination, and willpower on your part. Thankfully, there is a ton of information available; especially on the internet. Here are the most popular dietary solutions to compliment your daily exercise: 

High-Protein Diets

Protein fat loss diets are very popular because studies have proven that too many carbohydrates prevent the body from burning fat. The original high-protein diet allowed unrestricted amounts of protein like those found in meet, fish, shellfish, poultry, egg, and cheese while high-carbohydrate foods were restricted like bread, potatoes, sugary foods, and pasta. High-protein foods keep blood sugar levels steady, so the appetite is easier to control, and weight loss occurs quickly.  Though today, we realize that a good balance is best and therefore even on a high-protein diet, you should still consume carbohydrates. 

Low-Calorie, Low-Fat Diets

This is the most common diet plan that consists of cutting out junk food and concentrating more on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. This diet is very effective especially if you know how to control your cravings. However, make sure that you also include those foods with low glycemic index.

The Grapefruit Diet

According to research, grapefruits contain fat-burning enzymes which are vital in losing weight. This diet is composed mostly of grapefruits with the inclusion of specific vegetables and small amounts of protein.  This three-week diet provides the body with only 800 calories every day.

Food Combining

Now this is more of a lifestyle diet than a crash one. It includes combining different kinds of food in every meal. For example, if you have fruits in the morning you have to avoid eating foods rich in protein in the same meal. Many people lose weight this way and even those who have digestive problems recommend it. Compared with other diets, food combining provides a balanced diet everyday.

Protein fat loss and other dietary solutions are indeed very popular. However, make sure to consult your doctor first before you try any of the diet plans presented above. You can effectively lose weight once you know which diet is right for you.  It is also important to combine daily physical activity with a good, healthy balanced diet.  Losing weight quickly and with fad diets may result in a yo-yo dieting effect causing you to gain all of your weight back.  Consider lifestyle changes and slow weight loss so that you can look and feel good forever as opposed to a short period of time.

Birthday Fundraiser for Parkinson’s

Four years ago, my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease… at that time, my husband and I had our first child.  For his first birthday, we asked guests to bring money instead of a gift.  We donated the money to the Parkinson’s Society and raised over $500… by the time the Superwalk for Parkinson’s came around in September of that year, we raised $1,000 …

And now, in 2009, we did it again…our daughter turned 1 and we held another fundraiser, once again asking guests to bring money instead of gifts.  This time we raised $1,000.  By the Superwalk in September, we are hoping to raise close to $1,500.   

We are a spoiled generation…but that’s ok…as long as we pass-it-on and help others.  Every little bit that we can give will help find a cure for ailments and diseases.  Parkinson’s is so close to being cured and that’s because of the generosity of people like you, who continue to give.  We would like to thank everyone who participated in our fundraiser as well as our community partners, who assisted in sponsoring our daughter’s first birthday.

Thank You

Councilors: Joe Cimino and Jacques Barbeau

Craid McDermott ~ Pizza Hut (Four Corners)

Maria Cirelli ~ Tim Hortons (Lively)

John Cimino ~ Caruso Club

Max Massimiliano ~ Regency Bakery

Lisa ~Clowning Around

Miranda ~ Creative E-learning Design


Select Nutrition

Selecting proper nutrition is vital for proper maintenance of a fit and healthy body and lifestyle. The key to attaining proper nutrition is invariably having a balanced diet – a diet which incorporates all food groups and micronutrients in healthy combinations and proportions, such as carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, and other essential nutrients.  Select nutrition combined with exercise is a sure fire formula for leading a healthier lifestyle amidst a society that is increasingly drawn towards a sedentary lifestyle coupled with unhealthy dieting.

Living in the fast lane, which is an apt description for the kind of life that most of us lead today, is the main reason for the proliferation of fast foods, pre-cooked foods and foods having high calorie content. This has resulted in generations of obese, arthritic and hypertensive individuals – conditions which could be avoided if people could just be more selective with what they eat.  For a treat, fast food is alright once in a while, but not on a regular basis. Using the food pyramid, a helpful tool used to develop proper eating habits among school age children, remains as important for us adults in planning our meals to ensure that we get proper nutrition. The key is eating the right food groups listed in the food pyramid in proper portions.  Eating too much sends signals to our body that it should store the food as fat instead of burning it for energy. 

The following is a rundown of select or ideal eating habits for select nutrition: 

  1. Design your meals so that you eat 5 to 6 times daily without overeating.  You can do so just by eating the same amount of food say, every 2 to 3 hours. Do not skip meals especially breakfast, because you need a source of energy for the day ahead.  Your fist is about the size of your stomach so use that as your guide for portion control.
  2. Drink water every time you feel like it.  Just make sure to drink at least 8 cups daily.
  3. In lieu of processed food, fast food and other calorie-laden foods, eat fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables.  Remember that foods closer to their natural state are better than their processed counterparts.  For carbohydrates, complex, unrefined ones include potato (not French fries or chips), whole grain bread, wheat and whole wheat bread. For protein, reduce your red meat in favor of lean meat, eggs and nuts. Eat low fat dairy such as cheese, milk and yogurt.
  4. It pays to know how to read labels if you cannot avoid processed foods.  Stay away from foods containing high cholesterol, saturated and trans fat contents, including foods that are high in sodium and seasonings.
  5. Minimize sugar consumption by limiting sodas and alcohol intake.

Couple select nutrition with proper exercise to fire up your metabolism.  Simply put, metabolism is the rate by which your body burns food to fuel its energy requirements. Consistent eating habits train the body as to what to expect for energy, while exercise expends whatever excess fuel there is, thereby reducing the possibility of acquiring blood sugar related diseases and obesity.  You don’t have to do any fancy workout: try running, walking, jogging, or doing some aerobics at a nearby gym or even in the comfort of your own home, using a training video.

We tend to be very selective in the way we look, in choosing personal effects and in selecting people whom we associate ourselves with.  It’s time to be selective in terms of nutrition.  Select nutrition with a balanced diet as its centerpiece will provide proper sustenance for the kind of life that we lead.

Glycemic Index list

A Glycemic Index or GI list is a list of food items that provides readers with a measure of how the carbohydrates in each sort of food act on the body’s blood sugar level. The GI is a numerical expression of this effect, as compared to the reference food, glucose, which is by definition given a GI value of 100.

A GI list tells its readers how quickly the carbohydrates contained within particular food items are transformed into sugar when they are digested, as compared to glucose itself. The higher the GI, the faster the carbohydrates are transformed into sugar, and, as a result, the higher the blood sugar response.

Those foodstuffs that easily and quickly break down when they are digested, and which release glucose quickly into the bloodstream by doing so, have a high glycemic index, whereas those that break down slower and which release their stored glucose less rapidly have a low glycemic index. A GI of 70 or more is classified as high. A GI of 56 to 69 is classified as medium. Lastly, a GI of 55 or lower is classified as low.

Research has found that food with a low GI is significantly healthier than food with a high GI.  By definition, high GI carbohydrates are more rapidly transformed into glucose and absorbed into the blood, which causes rapid blood sugar swings. The body responds to these swings by producing a large amount of insulin to normalize the blood sugar – which is then transformed into fat and stored. In addition, the rapid release of insulin increases the appetite. By contrast, consuming low GI carbohydrates results in a steady, constant insulin response and all that implies. A low glycemic diet has been determined to be the healthiest way to reduce and control weight, and, more importantly, places one at a much lower risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease than if one were consuming a high glycemic diet.

Foods with a low glycemic index include most vegetables and fruits save for potatoes; brown rice; milk; and low-carbohydrate foods such as fish, meat and eggs. Medium-GI foods include white rice; whole-wheat products; and sweet potatoes. High-GI foods include white breads; prepared cereals such as Rice Krispies and cornflakes; and biscuits.

It is worth noting that the GI of various food items can be altered through cooking or preparation – for instance, the addition of vinegar and/or the presence of dietary fiber, such as that found in oatmeal, can lower food’s GI. In addition, certain varieties of foodstuffs can have different GI – certain types of potatoes, for instance, have moderate GI, while other sorts of potatoes have high GI.